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About Battre

Batt:RE Electric Mobility, is a startup that has been ideated and incubated with the purpose of achieving all inclusive and sustainable modes of transportation using renewable energy sources. Our product portfolio includes- E scooters & E cycles. These are our contributions towards reducing carbon footprint, noise pollution, traffic issues, and creating a Greener Planet.

They introduced high-quality electric scooters christened BattRE IOT and BattRE LoEV at an affordable price backed by world-class service support. The products are launched in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Telangana. We will be available in all other states soon


Price – Approx – 79999

BattRE is thrilled to announce the launch of it’s yet another staggering product – BattRE IOT Scooter

Future ready smart scooter is testimony of our commitment to bring nothing but the best for our partners and customers.


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