Type 506 electric scooter

A legacy from Cezeta continue with Type 506 electric scooter

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The new Cezeta Type 506 Electric Scooter that elegantly combines hand made European Craftsmanship with high-tech electronics to deliver a fun and easy-to-use scooter you can fall in love with.

The Type 506 has been developed with the goal of adding clean technology to the iconic design appeal of Cezeta. Each is lovingly hand-built and numbered to ensure it provides not only something to treasure but also a good investment for you.

Key Feature specification

Specifications –

Top Speed  90 kmph
Range  200 Km / charging.
Charging Time 42 km/ hr charging
Battery 4-8kWh


The Lithium-ion battery packs using cells from top manufacturers (Panasonic, Samsung, LG) in the sizes of 4-8kWh. That’s up to three times bigger than an average electric scooter and means it delivers a realistic range that is far longer.


The 506 accelerates rapidly using its powerful motor (up to 8kW) that delivers adequate power to navigate cities and suburban highways. With our tailor-made programming ensuring it is EASY to control, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Custom Motors

With advanced computer modeling and analysis to provide OPTIMUM performance, Cezeta-tuned motors are arguably the WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL ACCELERATORS, delivering torque up to 120 Nm. This is something around the performance of a 250cc motorcycle.


Like TESLA, we offer a Panasonic® battery pack has been thoroughly tested to give dependable range performance that should retain 80% of capacity after 5 years. When the time comes to replace it with something BETTER, UPGRADE IS A 10-MINUTE JOB.


The 506 uses the WORLD’S BEST power controller – the Sevcon GEN4. Through its industry-leading technology it delivers the highest power-to-weight ratio available and its advanced flux vector control improves traction and motor responsiveness.

HI-TECH Security

A GSM/GPS App represents a user-friendly and simple control method through web or smartphone. It allows you to display the position of your 506 in real time, geofence zones and REMOTELY IMMOBILISE if needed. If the 506 is being used for rentals, it also maintains a logbook for monitoring use.

 Type 506 electric scooter
Type 506 electric scooter


Through modern manufacturing techniques, we’ve adapted the Čezeta’s iconic design TO MODERN COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION whilst staying faithful to the charisma of its eccentric shape.

BEAUTIFUL Instruments

The 506’s instrumentation is simple and classic. Produced by LEGENDARY manufacturer SMITHS, the two bespoke gauges measure speed, trip and battery power and are in classic white decal, finished with chromed bezels.

VARIABLE Recuperation

The Sway Throttle is the way to precisely control a motorcycle. Roll it back as usual to accelerate – but also roll it forward to brake and precisely recuperate energy back to the battery. The swaying motion of your right arm in use is a very natural evolution of throttle use.


Developed especially to take advantage of the 506’s UNIQUE leading link fork, the all-round hydraulic combined braking system (CBS) has outstanding stopping power – safely brake from 50km/h to zero in only 8 metres. If you know the NICKNAME of Čezeta, you’ll get the design of the caliper… oink!

FAST Charging

Designed exclusively for automobile use, the 506’s powerful 1.8kW on-board charger can add 42km per hour of charging. It works with EVERY COMMON HOUSEHOLD SOCKET IN THE WORLD. An optional adapter allows connection to ‘Type 2’ electric scooter charging stations.


Čezeta’s are famous for having lots of luggage options. There’s a locked carpet-lined storage box under the seat, a rear rack/helmet lock, a front rack and case (which can carry up to 15kg), and a leather pouch behind the legshield. Leather bags, trailers, and other accessories are available by special order.


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