Earth energy B605

Earth energy B605 electric cruiser to be launched soon

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Earth energy B605 Mumbai headquartered Electric bike manufacturer has a production facility in the outskirts of Mumbai. Earth energy is engaged in the development of electric scooters, bike and vehicles. Earth energy operates under it’s parent company Grushie Energy private limited. The company aims to expand it’s business in Gulf, middle east and North Africa region.

About Earth energy

Earth Energy aims to develop Efficient, Affordable and Easily adoptable Electric Vehicles for Logistics and Delivery Businesses. Earth energy offers customized EV depending on Customers’ needs and application guidelines.

Earth energy will be launching new bike B605 which is basically a cruiser category vehicle.This cruiser will have sizeable range which will be suitable for intercity travel. This vehicle comes with most of the features offered by it’s completion even it’s base model is loaded with the Smart Telematics & Theft Protection as default feature. Earth energy offers amazing Pay-By-Range system…Owning an Ultra-Modern Electric Vehicle with long range is Easy.

Earth energy B605 Specifications


Advanced Algorithm based Drive systems gets you the most out of your B605’s Massive Batteries.


The B605 comes equipped with our innovative Modular BattSwap system coupled with Rent-A-Mile system that boosts the Range to a whooping 300Kms.


 innovative Electric Gear selector makes the ride hassle free Clutch-free . 3 modes “Start” “Cruise” “Speed”


The Smart Display shows all the vital stats of the B605. Also, all the functions are synced with  Earth Energy Center App on Mobile phone.


Range of 180Kms.


Hyper local Services like BattSwap coupled with Pay-By-Range and Rent-A-Mile…owning an Electric vehicle even when living in a crowded metro city despite of charging constraints is now possible.


With company’s Patent Pending Dynamic Charge Management System, it’s individual Battery packs give health indexes to provide smarter Battery Tagging and Utilization

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