Electric Two Wheeler

Electric Two Wheeler – Are you Planning To Buy ? Here Are The Amazing Tips in 2022

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Electric Two Wheeler

Electric Two Wheeler – Skyrocketing petrol and diesel prices have significantly raised operating cost of fossil fueled cars and two wheelers. Fossil fuel deposits are limited and depleting very rapidly since last 3-4 decades. In last few decades we humans have caused irreparable damage to our environment. Air pollution has reached to extreme levels in many cities of developing world. Finding fresh air to breathe has become a night mare. So for a individual electric two wheeler can be a great option.

Electric Two Wheeler

Electric Two Wheeler or EV are basically non polluting vehicles powered by electric energy. EV offers significantly low operating / running cost. Many buyers are being attracted towards EV because of its low operating cost. Electric Two Wheeler or EV offer noise free rides.

electric two wheeler

Norway, Sweden, Netherland and Iceland are leading the tally for adoption of EV technology, Norway has 48% share of EV in domestic automotive market. In terms of numbers China is biggest market for EV although EV share is hardly 4-5% of domestic automotive market. Indian electric two wheeler markets is growing year on year. Union and state governments are offering attractive benefits for faster adoption of EV. Industry experts the electric two-wheeler market in India is expected to cross 2 million units over the next five years.

Electric Two Wheeler

Whether it is a backup option or your primary means of transport, owning a two wheeler makes your life way more manageable as it gets you from one point to another in a swift, convenient and cost-effective manner. Electric two wheelers are becoming very popular among the buyers recently Revolt had to stop booking process within 4 days due to overwhelming response.

Buying an Electric Two Wheeler is as complicated as it would be for a conventional vehicle.

If you are planning to buy electric two wheeler following post will be of your interest. Following are the critical aspects which will help you to make informed decision

Know whether You want a Electric scooter or Electric Bike

Nowadays in India we have many options; rather availability of so many options creates confusion among the buyer. So you need to consider pros and cons of holistically. You must know the main benefits and features of a scooter and a bike to make an informed purchase decision. Electric scooters offer great handling and ease of riding to all age group riders as most are gearless.

Electric Two Wheeler

Besides this, an electric scooter comes with adequate storage space and normally cost less than a bike. Electric scooters are best suited for narrow and heavily trafficked city roads. Bikes are always first preference for youngsters. Bikes are more robust machine and powerful. Bikes are best option for rough roads and offer overall better stability. Hence considering your need, you can choose what best suits you.

Fix a Budget for electric two wheler

The first and prime most important factor to consider while buying an EV is the cost of overall ownership. You have to be clear about your budget and look for an electric scooter/bike in that price bracket. The cost of an electric two-wheeler plays a vital role in your purchase decision. Electric two wheelers are available to fit in the range of wallets and preferences.

electric two wheeler

Deciding your budget will automatically lessen your choices, making it more convenient to choose the most suitable option. Currently due to higher level of use of imported components EVs are expensive than the IC engine powered counterparts. Low speed EVs are pocket friendly.

Electric Two Wheeler -License & Registration requirements

According to the regulations, not all electric two wheelers need to be registered. Even the riders are exempted from the requirement to be valid license holders.

Electric Two Wheeler

In India we have many options in low speed scooters and mopeds and all these low-speed electric scooters are exempted from registration. These Low-speed scooters are best suited for school / collage going teenagers. Most of the low-speed scooters don’t need insurance either. This has a significant impact on the cost. Hero Electric, Yo bikes offers many options in this low-speed segment.

Electric Two Wheeler – Range and Top speed

Electric Two Wheeler – Riding range is very important parameter to be taken into consideration while making choice. Few years back range was one of the main concerns while buying an electric two-wheeler. However in recent times we can very easily find options adequate range.

Mostly high performing EVS offer good riding range. You need to do little bit research and need to read some reviews of owners. Usually, the slow-speed electric scooter will have a range of around 50km, and the high-speed electric scooters generally offers a decent range of around 80 -120km. Ather 450x, Bajaj Chetak , TVS iQube and Okinawa Praise are the some of the EV manufacturers which offer decent range.

High-end electric motorcycles with bigger battery packs will deliver a riding range of around 150km on a single charge. Speed is also one of the important parameter. Low-speed scooters have top speed 25kmph which is not very suitable for long distance travel. Performance scooter top speed ranges from 60 to 80 kmph which is quite decent. However, running a bike at higher speed has impact on range. RV400 from Revolt intelicorp delivers a top speed of 85kmph.

Electric Two Wheeler – Battery Life and Warrantee

Battery life and warrantee are also important parameters need to taken in to account. The battery is heart of the electric vehicle and most expensive components. So, it is of paramount importance to check the battery life before finalizing an electric bike or scooter. Replacing the battery pack of a two-wheeler can be an expensive affair. Nowadays most of the manufacturers use Li-ion batteries which are more reliable and have good life than their lead acid counterparts.

Electric Two Wheeler

However it is very important to check the type of battery fitted. Replacing battery pack is quite expensive affair hence the manufacturer offers more warrantee period is recommended. Generally manufacturer offers warrantee of 3 years or maximum 50000 Km which sounds quite decent.

Charging time and options

Charging time is key factor which defines the overall utility of an electric two-wheeler. Charging time generally depends on the capacity of battery pack and charging options. Usually, electric two-wheeler manufacturers offer home-charging stations when you buy an electric scooter or motorcycle. It is always recommended to do own research rather than completely relying on the manufacturer-specified figures, always check for real-life review to determine the exact charging time of an electric scooter or motorcycle.

The home-charging docks offer standard charging. Currently, only a few electric two-wheelers support fast-charging in India. Generally charging time varies from 6 to 8 hours for complete charge.

Reliable and tested product

Few years back there was trend to bring EV components from China, assemble domestically and sale under own brand. This had severely dented EV industry. Those products lacked reliability and performance. However nowadays our startups like Ather, Okinawa,Ampere motors and established players like Baja, TVS and Hero electric have indigenously designed and developed products.

Electric Two Wheeler

These products are devotedly tested and refined for local conditions. These products are robust in design and decent looks. It is always recommended to do research to have confidence on product reliability. Better to have little expensive reliable product than unreliable product 

Maintenance Cost and Availability of Service Centers

Before making purchasing decision of an electric two wheeler, make sure that the spare parts are available at a reasonable price and there is a good service network across nation including a service center near you.

Electric Two Wheeler

As great a proposition as electric vehicles may be, the fact remains that the EV is nascent phase in India. On top of that, not as many mechanics are not adequately trained to deal with EV issues as you may find for conventional vehicles. So, ensure that help will be always available in case the need for it arises.

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