Electric vehicle are exempted from odd-even scheme in Delhi As they didn’t cause any pollution

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Electric vehicle are exempted from odd-even scheme in Delhi

Electric vehicle are exempted from odd-even scheme in Delhi – Delhi recorded its worst air quality of the season on Friday as the pollution level touched the ‘severe plus’ category, prompting authorities to shut schools till November 5, ban all construction activities and declare a “public health emergency”.

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal urged people to follow the scheme for the sake of their family and children. The scheme was the odd-even scheme was stated that on particular day odd number and another day having even number cars will run on the road. This scheme was implemented to decrease the air pollution in Delhi.

The Delhi government on Sunday decided to exempt electric vehicles from the odd-even road rationing scheme starting from November 4 because this vehicle didn’t cause any air pollution and therefore safe for the environment of Delhi                  Transport Minister of Delhi in a statement said that the number of registered electric vehicles in the city was less than 1,000 and they are not likely to cause any congestion. Therefore, it has been decided to exempt the electric vehicles from the odd-even restrictions

The odd-even scheme will start from 8 AM on Monday. The electric vehicles were not included in the list of exempted vehicles mentioned in the notification issued by the Delhi government for implementation of the odd-even scheme.


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