Innovative Evovelo m a solar bio-hybrid vehicle for everyday commute

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Evovelo m


it is a solar bio-hybrid vehicle for daily use. Practical, attractive and customizable, it is built with sustainable materials (biologically and/or recyclable), using an efficient, socially responsible and highly cost-effective management system. It combines the advantages of the car, such as safety, protection from inclement weather and comfort, with low power consumption and space use of a light electric vehicle. Portable battery system, charging flexibility and gearshifting system make this two-seater easily integrated into everyday life. The m’s recovers charge for the removable battery through its built-in solar panels and can also be charged through the mains. The design has taken into account the durability of materials and systems, giving priority to safety, sustainability, maximum longevity, reliability and low maintenance. It is an innovative and ultra-efficient urban vehicle, based on co-creation and open source philosophy.


Key Features

Dimension width 1.4m x length 2m x height 1.3m
Max Power 1500 w
Maximum speed45Km/h
 Battery Lithium ion 48V, 25Ah

The m is classified as a pedelec (EU), which makes it legal for both roads and bike lanes and can be driven without a license. The QS electric motor can provide more than 1500W of maximum power, reaching a maximum speed of 45Km/h* and can operate alone or with pedal assisted.


It has a fully enclosed, stable monocoque structure with frontal deformation zone and side impact protection. For your safety, hydraulic brakes with EBS (equivalent to ABS) and seat belts have been installed. It is designed with optimized visibility along with a complete set of lights, to see and be seen. The built-in SunPower solar panel and its Panasonic Removable Lithium Battery (LiIon) 1200Wh (48V, 25Ah), provide a range of 40-50 km in electric mode only and 50-70 Km in electric mode +pedalin 1 hour of solar charge, moving or parked, can recover 5-10 km of autonomy on the battery and 5-7 hours of charging through the electric grid can restore the vacuum battery to full.

An optional second battery and charger, which work in parallel with the main battery and charger, can be installed to increase range and speed up charging times.

You can drive more than 5,000 km per year with solar energy alone, even in low sunlight conditions. The direction and control of the vehicle’s functions are carried out via a central multifunction joystick.

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