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We are the team of highly motivated automobile engineers having rich experience in automotive industry. We are passionate about Electric Vehicles and uncontaminated energy (Electric energy). We are well versed with modern technology and advanced engineering. We have witnessed evolution of automotive industry and we were part of rise and downfalls since last 2-3 decades. We feel our self very fortunate as we were part of many innovations which has improved automotive occupant safety, vehicle reliability and fuel efficiency

We are here as –

We humans are eating away at our own life support systems at a rate unseen in the past 1000 years by degrading land and freshwater systems, emitting hazardous gases. We believe there is lot to do when it comes to rebuilding and protecting what is left of natural resources and the biodiversity within our ecosystems.  

We are inspired by the efforts taken globally by automotive industry, scientists and environment conservationists.

. We believe this is the high time for all of us to look at the past and act fast on the troubles, use of electrically powered vehicles will provide solutions to prevailing problems.

Our vision is “act as a catalyst for the changeover to EV powered by purest (uncontaminated), affordable, energy (electricity) to eradicate emission of highly poisonous gases, agonizing noise and thus to make our mother earth green and greener.”

This can be achieved by our mission “We will genuinely spread all good work done by individuals, industry and government for electric vehicles, required infrastructure through this initiative. Through this platform we will publish latest innovations, news, videos and genuine reviews of individual users which will help to convey awareness.”

Our efforts could be a baby step towards the Nature conservation but we believe small things create big impact.

Together we can!