Hyundai’s new hydrogen-powered truck ensures zero carbon emission

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hydrogen-powered truck

hydrogen-powered truck – Hyundai recently unveiled the hydrogen-powered truck, HDC-6 Neptune Concept Class 8, a new zero-carbon emission heavy-duty electric truck. That captures the automaker’s vision for zero carbon emission electric truck technology and design.

It’s a hydrogen-powered truck fuel cell electric truck with integrated capabilities for the passenger and commercial vehicle markets.

Fuel cells are the ‘perfect fit’ for commercial heavy-duty trucks, because of a higher drive range and payload and less refueling time and costs.

Heavy-duty truck hydrogen-powered truck

One of the key design inspirations for the HDC-6 Neptune Concept 8 was the streamliner railway trains, a prime example of Art Deco industrial design. Due to increased cooling requirements, the grill of the vehicle is used across the entire lower portion of the HDC-6 Neptune. This creates a distinctive image while maximising airflow.

To enhance and maximizing the potential of a next-generation fuel-cell electric vehicle, HDC-6 NEPTUNE delivers innovative architecture. In particular Hyundai’s novel approach to the interior design of the space and in capturing lifestyle-oriented mobility.

The Hyundai also revealed the HT Nitro ThermoTech concept that conforms to the company’s vision of clean transportation: Reducing greenhouse gases and dependence on fossil fuels.

The trailer is ideal for transporting cold chain products. It uses an intelligent control system and independent cooling power that maximise thermal efficiency. This ensures temperatures are reduced faster than a traditional refrigeration unit while maintaining the desired temperature.


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