Bio hybrid

The New Mobility- Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid pedal car

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Bio‑Hybrid pedal car

Bio‑Hybrid pedal car

The Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid pedal car, proving yourself as a pioneer of a completely new kind of mobility. The Bio‑Hybrid combines technology and design – well thought out down to the last detail. Good vibes guaranteed. With its innovative operating concept and smart extension, the Bio‑Hybrid is huge fun. And not only on your own. A passenger can easily join in.

Cool driving pleasure

Bio hybrid pedal car
Bio‑Hybrid pedal carBio‑Hybrid pedal car

Modern design, innovative technology, relaxed leisure fun – with the Bio‑Hybrid you can plunge into the enjoyment of big cities without any worries. Thanks to the integrated roof and four wheels, you can commute in any weather conditions. You can choose the degree of electrical support: fitness or lazing around. The active city explorer, Flora, tested the Bio‑Hybrid for a day.

Styling – Its clear styling emphasizes the Bio-Hybrid’s functionality focused on: people.

Digital -The Bio‑Hybrid is connected, key functions are app-controllable.  

2 occupants  – Two people travel comfortably in the Bio‑Hybrid

Weight – Strong, convenient, fit for everyday use – and nearly as lightweight as an electric scooter.

Stowage compartment – A variable luggage compartment and additional stowage space at the rear offer enough capacity for daily shopping

Fit for the city – Comfortable seats, easy ingress and egress, agile and parkable anywhere. Theft-protected.


The city of the future is digital and connected – and so is the Bio‑Hybrid. Vehicles of any kind communicate with each other and help prevent traffic jams and accidents. Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and 4G make the Bio‑Hybrid an important element of the digital and connected city. An innovative operating concept ensures maximum driving pleasure and high safety. Extended functions will be controllable via smartphones and smartwatches as well. The operation of the Bio‑Hybrid is smart and simple.

Bio‑Hybrid pedal car
Bio‑Hybrid pedal car


The Bio‑Hybrid has numerous smart features that will make your life easier as a driver or owner.

Key-less-go – Unlocking and locking of the Bio‑Hybrid without a key.

Rear-view – A rear-view camera assists in parking and driving in reverse.

Digital alert – The driver is alerted when the Bio‑Hybrid is moved illegally.

Recuperation mode – The Bio‑Hybrid itself generates power.

System check – Battery condition, location, vehicle locked?

App – Numerous functions controllable via smartphones and smart watches.

Bio‑Hybrid pedal car
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