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WHAT IS Veemo?

Veemo is the first one-way sharing network of three-wheeled, electric-assisted vehicles in the world. It’s the perfect way of getting around a campus or city without needing a driver’s licence, fighting traffic, being inactive, or being exposed to bad weather.


VeloMetro publicly launched a Veemo pilot fleet at the University of British Columbia. The service served students, staff, and UBC residents in easily moving around campus. With over 2,000 kilometers ridden and 1,000 trips totalled, the successful Veemo UBC Pilot was ended April 13th 2018.

VeloMetro plans to expand its service to the Vancouver urban core in early 2019. Global expansion is being considered for cities that are looking for sustainable and active transportation alternatives.  Veemo velomobiles will also be available for purchase commercially in the future.


Veemo velomobiles are sophisticated, enclosed, electric-assist, smartphone-connected vehicles, ideal for urban and suburban areas. Classified as a bicycle, Veemo velomobiles are human-powered, with electric-assist to help on hills and over long distances. The vehicle shell protects the user from harsh weather and the cargo space provides room for a backpack, groceries, or a briefcase. With their all-weather use, lockable cargo space, and anti-theft provisions, Veemo velomobiles offer the comforts of a car with the functionality of a bicycle.

Vehicle Features

A patented pedal-electric drivetrain is only part of the advanced engineering that make Veemo velomobiles special.

It is enclosed by a light-weight composite body which complements the other safety features of the design. Further car-like elements include automatic smart control locks, daytime and nighttime lighting, and indicators. Regenerative braking and a rooftop solar panel extend the vehicle range by up to 20 km per day.

The comforts of a car, with the functionality of a bicycle!

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