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Scotra CML Price – 34,999 + delivery extra

Scotra CML Nappinnai, is an automobile company based in Chennai that designs and manufactures vehicles that run on green technology. Our diverse variants provide an ample choice that caters to a variety of consumers. Currently set to become India’s pioneer company in the field of clean tech-driven personal mobility, our primary aim is to ensure total inclusion with respect to our customers.

Technical Specifications
Top speed :Electronically limited to 25 kmph due to legal restrictions
Mileage –30-40km depending on usage
Battery –LiFePo4 li-ion batteries
Charge timeCharge time – 3 hrs.
LegalNo license or registration required.
Water resistantUpto 2ft depth for Scotra CML
Warranty1 year warranty for the motor and batteries.

Why Scotra CML?

The CML is a vehicle that runs completely on green technology. It also has the added advantage of generating lesser costs for spares because the wearables are significantly lesser. Preaching for lesser pollution is one thing, practicing it is what makes the difference.

Who can use Scotra?

1) Age 7-12 : To go to the playground, to pick up groceries.
2) Age 13-16 : Recreational activities, to go to tuition, dance classes etc.
3) Age 17-22 : For athletes to move around inside a stadium or sports complex, to carry kits and other equipment, for commuting between residence/hostels and colleges/schools
4) Age 23-35 : Mobility within a closed space example golf courses or park trails, visiting your nebhorhood friend etc.
5) Age 35-50 : Daily commute in a low traffic neighbourhood, dropping kids to school, commuting to office from quarters, roam around office complex
6) Age 50 and above : Daily recreational commute, assist for walking, jogging etc


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