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Sina Mobility self balancing electric motorbike

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Sina Mobility

Sina Mobility a Self balancing electric motorbike  Yet not launched

We are developing a self balancing electric motorbike having a fully enclosed cabin , a ‘Two Wheeled Car’, having many features similar to a car. With this product our aim is to reduce two wheeler accidents in India and making motorbikes safer and comfortable

Self Balance
The exterior shell / cabin ensures motorbike can be driven:
Any weather condition
Even if the motorbike falls, passengers would be unhurt

The Sina Mobility motorcycle is automatically balanced without any external support in below or any other situations:
Stopping due to Traffic, Collision from another vehicle, Cruising through unorganised traffic, Suddenly stopping.

The safety features that could be expected from this motorcycle:
Provision of safety seatbelts, Provision of airbags*, c-ABS to counter skidding, Tubular Spaceframe chassis to reduce impact

The motorcycle is as much comfortable as a car:
The bucket seats help during long travel time, Provision of luggage space in front & rear*, AC would be helpful during extremely hot weather, Ingress/Egress as of a normal car

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Bhateshwar P Bramhane
2 years ago

We are interested join this project in maharashtra and we are take distribution ship for maharashtra so please provide me more information and process .