Swing electric scooter

Joyful new Swing electric scooter from Nibe Motors

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Swing electric scooter Advantages

  • No License *
  • No RTO Registration *
  • Handy to Ride
  • Zero Maintenance Drive
  • Super Long Battery Life
  • Stunning Metal Body Design
  • Eco Friendly – No Pollution / No Sound
  • Active Boost Charging Mode
  • Advance Li-ion Battery
  • Smart Charger
  • One year warranty

Swing electric scooter Key Feature

50-70 Km Per Charge

100-120 Kg Loading Capacity

2-3 hrs. Charging Time

Zero PollutionEco Friendly *

Battery Type : Li-ion Battery

Battery Rating : 36V/23Ah/30Ah/46Ah

Motor : 250W

Brake : Front & Rear Drum Brakes

Range : 80-90 Km/Charge

Charging Time : 3-3.5 Hrs

Overall Dimensions : 1590*620*1250 mm

Net Weight : 56 Kg

Rated Load : 120 Kg

Maximum Speed : 25 Km/Hr

Wheel Size : 16*3"

About Nibe motors

Nibe Motors Pvt Ltd (NMPL) is passionate to deliver a tagline of “Paddling toward Green India”. It is integrated with Shrinivas Group of Companies, Nasik. NMPL is equipped with quality research & development, a manufacturing facility located at Nasik. The aim is to provide the most superior product & services by developing a unique design using innovative techniques to produce affordable, comfortable, and quality-centric bicycles.

We are committed to becoming a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in India. Founder Mr. Ganesh Nibe having a vision to design India’s best e-bike through NMPL. Our team is constantly working on advanced e-bike technology over the years; implemented a sophisticated plan focused on the development of more advanced features, and most exciting eco-friendly e-bikes.




Motor : 60V, 1.5KW

Controller : 60V, 1.5KW

Tyre : 4.50-10

Recommended Battery : 60V, 105AH/150AH

Outline Size (L*W*H)(mm) : 2800*1300*1700

Vibration Damper : Front Damper with Spiral Spring; Rear Damper

Brake System : Disc System

Speed : 50-55km/Hr

Mileage (km) : Upto 200*

Charging Time : 3-4 Hrs

Net Weight (w/o Battery)(Kg) : 400

Loading Capacity (kg) : 300

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