Till 2025 4000 Electrica Vehicle Charging Stations will be installed

Till 2025 4000 Electrica Vehicle Charging Stations will be installed in Germany by VW

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Electrica Vehicle Charging Stations

Electrica Vehicle Charging Stations – Electric mobility will play a key role in the future energy system in Germany. German Auto giant is very well focused on Electric Vehicle. Volkswagen AG will launch around 70 new electric vehicles in the next 10 years which will contribute to 20% of sales volume.

Electric vehicle charging station – A growing share of renewable energy will increasingly be used to electrify the future transport sector. Germany has set itself the goal of becoming the leading market and provider for electric mobility by 2020 as part of its long term zero-emission mobility vision. Although the electric mobility market is still small in absolute terms, domestic demand for electric vehicles is rising. The upcoming demand for charging infrastructure and related innovation is huge.

 Volkswagen has announced that it is going to install some 4,000 charging points at its German sites by 2025.The Volkswagen Group is investing some 250 million Euros to expand the charging infrastructure at its European sites. When combined with the activities at dealerships, this translates into the Volkswagen Group providing some 36,000 new charging points in Europe.


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