Yatri Motorcycle project Zero

Yatri Motorcycle project Zero delayed

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Yatri Motorcycle project Zero – Yatri Motorcycle an electric bike startup in Nepal has released a statement to postponed public test rides of Project Zero. Earlier it was planned in march 2019 now it is exected by end of summer. The delay is because of some few design changes to be implemented in a production-ready vehicle.

Yatri Motorcycle project Zero is a first electric motorcycle startup in Nepal had unveiled its first bike in Dec 2019.  After unveiling the project, zero whole team was busy considering new feedback in the production unit. These design changes include higher ground clearance and the subsequent changes to the battery layout, improved ergonomics, and vehicle dynamics, and a more refined design overall.

The company representative said -With these improvements in sight, we found that our original plan of offering test rides on our early prototypes would not justify the experience our users would get on the final production units.

Thus, we will be offering public test rides on the production models of Project Zero in late 2020 together with the commercial roll-out. This will allow riders to get a much better feel of the final product and a better understanding of the work that is put into Yatri Motorcycles. And as we mentioned earlier, we will reveal the price during the test ride event.

Yatri Motorcycle was founded in December 2017by Mr. Ashim andey with an aim to design, Engineer and manufacture green mobility solutions to transform the urban landscape.

Procject Zero

The project zero is reinventing urban mobility with a design philosophy of elegance in motion project zero in inherits the proportion of café racer and upgrades it with clean, modern design lines.


In terms of the specification of bike. It is equipped with 30 KW powerful motors, a capacious battery that give a range about 230 KM, and onboard charger connect to a standard wall outlet to fully charge the battery in just two hours.


With a beautiful interface, Project Zero’s 7″ full-HD display finally brings motorcycles to the 21st century. In addition to vital telemetry data and navigation, the display equips you with powerful insights like fuel cost savings and carbon offset contribution.


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